Welcome to Peter's Pense

Peter's Pense is a non-profit library that specializes in Catholic books, pamphlets, audio (CD,tape), and visual (VHS,DVD) materials. Our purpose is to provide materials containing Catholic teaching, history and practices as well as family-oriented materials which conform to Christian values.

The library is open to all and intends to service the people in Sidney and its surrounding communities. Please come and look at our availabe materials online or by visiting the library. We do have a reading area available for those who want to read our materials while at the library, whether or not they have a library card.

All materials in the lending library will be in keeping with the teachings of the Magisterium.

Borrowing Materials

It is simple to become a borrower at Peter's Pense library. There is no red tape, and the service is free. An application enables you to borrow books immediately. Please refer to the Services section for more details.


Because Peter's Pense is a non-profit corporation formed and staffed by volunteers, donations and funds are always needed and greatly appreciated. These donations will enable us to continue to make available materials presenting the Catholic faith, Scripture, and Christian living to the general public.

You can donate to Peter's Pense by using any of these three methods:

Donations to Peter's Pense, Inc are fully tax-deductible under 501 (c)(3).

Donations of funds are used for rent, utilities, office supplies, maintenance, equipment, and lending materials. Clubs, organizations, and individuals are encouraged to keep us in mind when deciding on service projects and/or charitable donations.